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New Regulations For Senior Projects

The pandemic has sparked many challenges for both students and teachers at Camas High School, especially the senior class. This year, CHS seniors are tasked with doing and completing their senior projects from home.  The leader and organizer of CHS senior projects, Kristi Bridges, shared her thoughts on the changed guidelines to accommodate the pandemic. […]

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Mental Health Awareness Club

Camas High School Senior Archisha Misra and her friends have successfully started a Mental Health Awareness Club as their senior project. Misra’s motivation for starting this club is because mental illness are often seen as a weakness. Misra said, “my friends and I thought it was really important to create awareness about it.” She also […]

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Senior Spotlight: Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson is self-described as “[a] super weird person who pretends to be normal because society is the worst.” Carrying with her a blend of confidence, anxiety, and excitement. Her most recent endeavor sees her writing five original songs: This is her senior project at Camas High School. She expresses a desire to create all […]

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Be The Change Club

Do not doubt that a small group of citizens can help to change the world. Even if it is just a small group of high school students. Last year a student attended Challenge day, and was inspired to help be a change and spread love and acceptance through our community. He decided to start a […]

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A Spotlight on MST Senior Projects

In order to graduate, all seniors must complete a senior project. Students who are in the Magnet program do a different type of senior projects. These students do internships. Mr. Samuel Greene, the magnet senior project advisor, says “Most of them do 90+ hours and they are collecting data on their side it’s not just […]

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Nora Kelly: Lunch buddies

The seniors are busy at work creating their senior projects. Senior Nora Kelly is committed to encouraging students to reach out and make conversation and connections with the Special Education students. This is her senior project and she has called it the Lunch Buddies. Nora Kelly’s senior project is all about promoting “…growth for the […]

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500 Trees for 500 Seniors

At CHS a motto of “Imagine, Innovate, Inspire,” is present in the lives of students and staff. This phrase helped influence a plan to plant a tree for every senior of the 2019 graduating class. This project was an idea to involve students in order to leave their mark at Camas through planting trees. Not […]

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The Senior Project Synopsis

The Senior Project has always been given a bad rap by students in the past. However, students should know that the project has gone under some changes this past year in response to feedback from previous 12th graders. “Last year, we went through an extensive process to update the project. We got rid of every extra […]