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College Tours In The Age Of Covid

No Camas High School Senior imagined that the college tours they would take this year would be over a Zoom call, but that has become the new normal. As stressful as it all is to navigate, students and universities both have dysfunctionally found their way around the obstacle that is the COVID-19 pandemic. Some states […]

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Ivy League Bound Students

When students think about college after high school, most aim for the best schools that are within their reach. These students at Camas High School had an extensive range to choose from. Recently, Ashley Teng was accepted at Princeton University, a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey. Here, she will continue her […]

Camas College Visits Humans of CHS School Students of CHS

Junk or Info: College Emails and Letters

Colleges are always looking to promote how to pick the best college for students. They advertise anything that they can to intrigue students to use the username and password they provide. The emails colleges send have links where students can go to get information on which college would be best for them. “These can help you […]

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Senior College Season

As September ends and October begins, seniors are leaving school to be brought in by colleges for tours. Gabe Mukobi has found himself between many colleges in the past six weeks. Being flown to Rice University in Houston, Texas and this week and Columbia University in New York City. “Stanford is still my number one,” […]

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A Summer in Indiana

A Journey in Modern-Day Archaeology: As all my peers basked in the glory that the first week of summer brings, I was boarding a plane, traveling to the beautiful and the exotic South Bend, Indiana. While for many, spending their summer vacation in the Midwest sounds less like a dream, to me, this was the […]

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Admission Season Tips

One of the most stressful yet exciting times of a teenagers life is undoubtedly their Senior year. Parties, privileges, and graduation are all aspects that add to the fun that is a student’s culminating childhood experience. But, before all of these festivities can begin, a dark cloud seems to loom over all Seniors, this ominous […]