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Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt on almost all activities, including prom. However, safety restrictions are easing up as case numbers continue to trend down in Clark County. With school beginning to partially open, and a vaccine rollout beginning, people are wondering if prom will be able to happen. Camas High […]

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Prom Review: Creation and Costs

Prom is perhaps one of the most hyped events of high school, so the pressure is on when it comes to making sure it lives up to that. Luckily, everyone who manages it pours everything into making sure that it is an enjoyable experience and will be one to remember. This year, prom was held […]

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Better Safe than Sorry

Each year as prom rolls around, high school students all over the country get exhilarated with the thrill of going out with friends on one of the most hyped-up nights of the school year. Students dream about this night for years, and as it comes up they spend every last minute planning for the perfect […]