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Going Green

Green is one of the many things that Camas strides to be. Not green in the color, but in the sense of being more aware of the environment. Things, like recycling and taking care of waste, can both help this cause, but what kind of efforts has Camas gone through? How ‘Green’ is Camas? For […]

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Adapting to Maker Time

Students talk about their after-school plans as pens and pencils scratch on paper. A few of the students actually decide to work on their homework that they didn’t finish for their next period class. The teacher casually reminds the students on their cell phones that their project is due tomorrow, but no one puts down […]

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TEDx Camas; Spreading New and Innovative Ideas

TEDx is an organization made up of local, self-organized events that bring people together to discuss many different topics in a different way than people would in an everyday setting. These events include live speakers to spark discussions in a small group setting. This year at CHS, three students created a new, TED-certified club dedicated […]

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Taekwondo: The Art of Self Defense

Finding a means of exercise may be simple, but often leads to the same dead end. Either through dull workouts or lack of equipment, being active can prove both difficult and downright boring. Plus, until one sees results, they may begin to feel discouraged to continue giving their all. However, here at Camas there is […]

Camas classrooms Clubs What You Should Know

Japanese Culture Festival 2019

For the past years at Camas High school, there has been a festival to help students learn about the Japanese culture. This event takes place turning A and B lunches on Friday, February 22nd, 2019. During, there are different things the students who aren’t apart of the festival can explore relating to the culture. Such […]

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Black Student’s Union: Returns To Camas

A new start to an old club here at Camas is the Black Student’s Union. This group is a group of students of all cultures and ethnicities to come and learn about the life and experiences of being a black student at Camas.   A few years ago, the club was in action and was […]

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Show Some Love with CHS Clubs

“Who is your Valentine?” — it’s the question students could answer in a myriad of ways this year at Camas High School. That’s because this year a number of clubs at CHS are getting in on the Valentine’s Day action. One club, the FCCLA is providing a service what they call the “I’ve got a […]

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Model UN Taking Off for Seattle

Model United Nations, a popular club at Camas High School, is working hard to prepare for the state conference in Seattle.  The advisor, Mr. Hicks says,  “Model United Nations is a student organization that is devoted to better understand the United Nations.” Students attend conferences to try and do that. The conferences represent the United Nations meetings. […]