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DECA’s Perseverance Throughout Hybrid Learning

Online learning has been full of setbacks and major changes for many teams, clubs, and organizations at Camas High School, and DECA is no different. Lots of DECA’s work in the past has relied on in-person competitions, training, fundraising. With the switch to online learning, it has had to adapt to these new circumstances. To […]

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Esports and Video Games During Quarantine

Video games have increased in popularity among Camas High School students as more and using them to fill hours of spare time.  According to the Washington Post, many video game giants, such as Microsoft and Nintendo, reported a large increase in sales. Video game streaming sites such as Twitch also saw a sizable increase in […]

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Clubs at CHS Dealing With Remote Learning

Due to COVID-19, some clubs at Camas High School have been on hiatus, while others have persevered through these troubling times. CHS students have been learning remotely this semester to lessen the transmission of the virus in the community. As a result, one of the problems that has surfaced is that many extracurricular clubs can […]

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Activism Through Art

As Black Lives Matter protests continue across the country, several Camas High School students are coming up with creative ways to support the movement. In addition to organizing local protests in downtown Camas and starting a bake sale to support social justice organizations, student leaders of two CHS clubs have joined forces to accomplish a […]

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Mental Health Awareness Club

Camas High School Senior Archisha Misra and her friends have successfully started a Mental Health Awareness Club as their senior project. Misra’s motivation for starting this club is because mental illness are often seen as a weakness. Misra said, “my friends and I thought it was really important to create awareness about it.” She also […]

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Amazing Play For an Amazing Cause

The amazing play for an even better cause called After This Episode was a success for the drama department. This inspirational play was about a strong girl who was diagnosed with cancer her senior year, which took her away from the outside world and trapped her in hospitals. She ends up going through horrible treatments […]

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DECA Spotlight!

The DECA club at Camas High School has made several prominent achievements over the last four years. With 140 members, DECA continues to accomplish great things day by day. Three officers in DECA have come together to discuss their years of experience and enlighten those who find themselves both interested in joining and those who […]

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Be The Change Club

Do not doubt that a small group of citizens can help to change the world. Even if it is just a small group of high school students. Last year a student attended Challenge day, and was inspired to help be a change and spread love and acceptance through our community. He decided to start a […]