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ASB Changes

At Camas, the Associated Student Body (ASB) team puts in a ton of effort to schedule school events and to make sure that the school has a fun and inviting environment. Without them, Camas would not be as enjoyable, organized and there would not be any dances or spirit weeks. ASB is the school’s representative […]

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Homecoming Review

Homecoming has been a high school tradition for years. It is a chance for students to dress up, gather together, and have a night of fun that is free of school responsibilities. People rent limos, get their hair and makeup done, and purchase corsages for their dates (whom they may or may not have asked […]

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A Brief History of Homecoming

Homecoming has its traditions that stretch from coast to coast, including a parade, spirit week, a dance, even welcoming back former and current members of high school, and above all, the big game. The well-known football game between two rival schools is a classic homecoming tradition, in fact, it was the very first tradition. The […]

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