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How to Prevent Burnout

As the difficult 2021 school year come close to the end, many are experiencing burnout and struggling to finish these last weeks on a positive note.  After going through over a year of online school littered with the tumultuous google meets, and then coming back to zoom classes for hours a day, Camas High School […]

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Reactions to Spring Allergies

Sneezes, sniffles, and stuffy noses in April, all part of the yearly gifts spring give to people with allergies. With the COVID outbreak, one sneeze can be a reason to move away from someone. Of course, a sneeze doesn’t always mean COVID, but it varies from case to case. How have people been reacting to […]

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Are Students Following The Safety Rules?

Throughout the entire year, schools have slowly been bringing their students back to in-person school. Camas High School started with a 2 days a week hybrid schedule to test the waters of the coming back. As it turned out to be successful, the school finally decided to bring all the students back to a 4 […]

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What Schedule Do CHS Members Prefer?

With Camas High school opened up entirely now, students, teachers, and staff have many opinions on it. Some do best remotely whereas others do better two days or four days a week. Currently, students have the option to stay remote or attend in-person school.  Brian Witherspoon, a Counselor at CHS says that there are benefits […]

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Safety Specifics On In-Person Learning

Camas High school recently turned to four days a week of in-person learning on the week of April 19th. This change came after a month of hybrid learning, where students would come in two days a week. It has been a big adjustment for students and staff, everyone has mixed feelings. Hopefully, most can agree, […]

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Teacher And Student Thoughts On Hybrid Learning

On the eighth of March, Camas High School will be welcoming all students back for what is known as a hybrid schedule. This topic has been fairly controversial among students and teachers. Everyone has varying opinions about this decision. Teachers and students give their views about this subject and what they like and dislike about […]

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The Upcoming Return of In-Person Learning

After the difficult year that was 2020, there is a lot of optimism in the Camas School District (CSD) heading into 2021. The possibility of getting more students on campus is extremely likely as the CSD has confirmed pre-hybrid small instructional groups will begin on March 1st. As CSD leaders look to get more students […]

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Advisory Class and Social Emotional Learning

During remote learning this year, Camas High School has added an advisory class to every student’s schedule as a part of social and emotional learning. The goal of advisory is to help students feel more connected with each other and their teachers. Since school has been remote since March, social interaction between students and teachers […]