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Internet Issues at School

Over the past month or so, Camas High school staff and students have been experiencing ongoing tech, wifi, and internet issues, which has been another obstacle added to this already strange year. CHS Freshman Vance Gooch, says, “It (the internet issues) has been pretty annoying. Sometimes it (the wifi) works and other times it doesn’t.” […]

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Finals Schedule and Teachers Plans

With the school year coming to an end, Camas High School staff and students are all awaiting the highly anticipated finals week.  This year though, the schedule looks different than the school’s normal finals schedule. It is the exact same as our normal in-person school day schedule. Every student will attend every class, every day, […]

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The Beginning of Spring and Winter Sports Seasons

The students and coaches at Camas High School are very excited to kick off the 2021 winter and spring sports seasons, which, because of COVID-19, had not taken place in over a year.  Jon Eagle, strength training teacher and boys head track coach here at CHS, says the best part of being back is seeing […]

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The Effect of Remote Learning On Mental Health

Schools around the nation are seeing drastic drops in student’s grades, and increasing rates of anxiety and depression.  Over twenty students and teachers at Camas High school admitted that they all feel more anti-social, more stressed, and have seen dropping grades. While some students may enjoy the perks of remote learning, and even feel as […]

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Everybody Has A Story: Grace Duffey

Camas High School Sophomore Grace Duffey is very involved in the swim community. But, due to COVID-19, she has not yet been able to have the season she has been hoping for.  Last year, as a freshman, Duffey made the varsity swim team here at school which was very surreal for her.  Duffey said, “It […]

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Remote Learning Workload Adjustments

 At Camas High School, both students and staff have felt the pressure through the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. Staff have been doing all they can to accommodate their students when it comes to schoolwork.   Biology teacher Cory Marshall said, “It (the workload) is incredibly less. There is so much we are simply […]