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Staff of CHS: Mrs. Jarvis

Camas is constantly expanding and constantly have to up the staff count! Camas is a school with just over 2,100 students and to balance the ratio of teachers to students, Camas has recruited more teachers. One of the newest teachers is English teacher, Jeanne Jarvis. She is a senior English teacher – Working exclusively with […]

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Hidden Figures

Cast: Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Glen Powell, Mahershala Ali, Aldis Hodge. Director: Theodore Melfi Plot Analysis: Inspired by true events this extraordinary film highlights the contributions of three African American women to the NASA space program. Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson were three very […]

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Adventures in Kenya

Kissing a giraffe, hugging a Masai tribesman, getting attacked by gangster monkeys, seeing baby elephants, scary bus rides, and crazy traffic crossings. Recently I had the privilege of traveling to Kenya for three weeks.  This trip was incredible especially since it happened during my senior year. I have published my experiences on my blog, which you […]

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Pilot Policy: Phones on Campus

Return from winter break left many students shocked when, during morning bulletin, it was announced that Camas High School is allowing its students to use their phones during lunch. This new cell phone pilot marks what could be the end of an era, a cell-less era. What was the motivating force behind this decision? How […]

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Green Team

Green Team has not been around very long in Camas, but they have already done a lot in the last two years since the club has started, receiving second place in their district for the Trex competition, for instance. I sat down with one of the Co-Presidents of Green Team, Chloe Dunn, for the scoop on […]

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War Within the Olympics

It has officially been confirmed, skateboarding is now in the Olympics, making it officially a “real” sport. The decision has sparked some controversy. Many core skateboarders do not believe it belongs in the Olympics. Most core skateboarders like to call skateboarding a “lifestyle” instead of a sport. Skateboarding has been growing more and more each […]

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Getting To Know A Camas Skateboarder

Camas High School is home to many athletes, about half of the school participates in an athletic activity. However, some of these athletes do not participate in traditional sports. Extreme sports popularity is growing every day. Currently. the big two that are being talked about are surfing and skateboarding. Both have been announced in the […]

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Why is This Election Important To You?

Staff members of The Camasonian asked students: “Why is this election important to you?” “This country is in need of a change. We need someone who has not been tried for crime because that sends the wrong message to the next generation.” – Senior “The sense of representation needs to be increased among young people. […]