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BLM Protests Sparked over Daunte Wright’s Murder Shake The Community

After the massive BLM protests and riots that started after George Floyd’s death on May 25th, 2020, many thought the worst was over, but more events continued to occur. On April 11th, 2021 only ten miles away from the courthouse where Dereck Chauvin’s trial took place, Daunte Wright was fatally shot during a traffic stop […]

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Discover Recovery Rehabilitation Center Status

At the start of February, Discover Recovery, a substance abuse treatment center bought the Fairgate Estate near Dorothy Fox Elementary. It was a previous assisted living facility, now it’s a 15-bed in-patient drug treatment facility. This in-patient facility has one other location set up at Long Beach, Washington. With both holistic and clinical treatments, on […]


Different Proposals For Hybrid Learning

As school districts across Washington state are moving towards hybrid learning, lawmakers are proposing different solutions to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission at school. Some of the proposals however are less favorable than others like Republican Senator Brad Hawkins’s proposal of swapping spring and summer break to allow for more people to get vaccinated.  […]

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Washington’s 2030 Clean Car Initiative

The State of Washington has started a wave of clean and green living many pushing for a lower carbon footprint for our state. The most recent push is moving to the Clean Cars 2030 initiative in Washington this is in part due to the largest carbon emissions being vehicle emissions (Washington State Department of Ecology). […]

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Everybody Has A Story: Lily Walsh

Camas High School Junior Lily Walsh is someone who loves singing and acting. When they arrived at CHS their freshmen year they engrossed themselves fully in the Theatre scene. Even though they became more involved with theatre in middle school and high school the passion for it started early.  The love of theatre and singing […]

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Everyone Has A Story: Will Hansen Camasonian Co-Editor-in-Chief

Camas High School Senior Will Hansen became a Camasonian writer because he loves to write and spread the news. Hansen received a recommendation from his sophomore English teacher to join Journalism. He also knew his friend and basketball teammate, Chase Muro, who was in journalism at the time. Hansen decided to forecast for the class […]

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Biden’s COVID-19 Plan and How It Affects Clark County

With former Vice-President Joe Biden becoming president-elect and COVID-19 cases surging in America, the shift in planning has caused uncertainty among the general public. This new shift paired with the steady rise of cases in Clark County has caused many to worry about what is next and how it will affect them directly. Looking at […]