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CHS Students’ Spring Break Plans

Last spring break the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the country. In March of 2020 students were ecstatic to learn their break from school would be at least six whole weeks. Everyone left CHS on March 13th thinking they would be back after the 6 week-long break with stories of fun vacations and memories. Almost a […]

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Esports and Video Games During Quarantine

Video games have increased in popularity among Camas High School students as more and using them to fill hours of spare time.  According to the Washington Post, many video game giants, such as Microsoft and Nintendo, reported a large increase in sales. Video game streaming sites such as Twitch also saw a sizable increase in […]

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Self-Employed Students

Money: the most necessary item for most high school students. It is used for buying food with friends, gas money and even the occasional pair of shoes. There are many methods for accumulating enough money to actually have the sum to purchase everything that a high-schooler may desire. Many high school kids are slowly pushing […]

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The Next Big Sport

Many may think it’s foolish to count player vs. player video games as a sport, but this concept is becoming more and more popular throughout the US, and now it’s being brought to Camas High School. E-sports (electronic sports) are a new addition to this technology-controlled world and a possible sport of the future. That’s […]

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Shell Shocked

Much like Fortnite, the hit computer game ‘Shell Shockers’ started out as a free, fun, and friend-inclusive player vs. player game. Shell Shockers takes place on various maps. One can play as an egg, and can select a variety of weapons to fight other eggs. And again, much like Fortnite, this small game has exploded […]

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NBA 2k19: Worth The Buy?

Coming off the incredible NBA 2K18 which sold over 10 million units, Take-Two Interactive has come out with the newest evolution of the greatly beloved basketball game: NBA 2K19. This interactive, online multiplayer game has an enormous cult following among children, teenagers, gamers, and basketball fans around. The real question is, is the new game […]