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Hopes For The 2021-2022 School Year

Many students at Camas High School are experiencing burn-out from the everyday schedule that was pressed on them for 9 months. This summer, students hope to wind down and relax for a few months before the next school year. But with that, there are still multiple things past the summertime that they are anticipating.

This year students and staff alike were required to wear masks when on school property, which is a major concern among the student body for next school year. Many wonder if the mask mandate in schools will continue next year or if they will do away with the requirement. 

When asked, Camas Sophomore Jonathan Horton said, “I’m excited to get back to normal and stop wearing masks.” Many students and staff share this same excitement as masks are a major nuisance for both students and teachers and can cause many different issues. Camas math teacher Alisa Wise said, “I don’t get to make decisions, but I’m hopeful that we can get enough population vaccinated that we can stop wearing masks.”

While many students feel negative about masks, some agree that masks do have positives. Camas Sophomore Mari Walbrooch said, “Hopefully we’ll have to deal with no masks, even though it does cover acne.” Camas Sophomore Laura Barges said that she is excited for “people to not get sick anymore and not having to wear masks anymore.”

Many students are worried that such a sudden change will mess with their schedules. “I’m both excited and bummed that school will probably have full-length classes,” said Camas Junior Gavin Kielty. Additionally, many students are excited about the current class roster and schedule to return to normal, as the current list of takeable classes was significantly shortened because of COVID-19 and the fact that students were in an online environment for the majority of the year. Camas Freshman Sophia Rundle says “I am looking forward to taking more specific classes geared to what I’m interested in.”

Staff and students are also looking forward to sports and other extracurricular activities. Cat Zalanka, a sub teacher at Camas High School says “having and going to teacher performances, or choir concerts would be nice.” Many athletes at Camas High also are excited for school to return to normal. Camas Freshman, Noah Logan said, “I am looking forward to basketball season next year.” Although basketball season happened this year, there was a time crunch as well as masks required to play. 

Next year still is covered with questions, but students and staff alike are looking to the horizon with an optimistic attitude.

Camasonian writers Blake Harris, Daisy Gooch, and Grace Sommers contributed to this story.

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