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Internet Issues at School

Over the past month or so, Camas High school staff and students have been experiencing ongoing tech, wifi, and internet issues, which has been another obstacle added to this already strange year.

CHS Freshman Vance Gooch, says, “It (the internet issues) has been pretty annoying. Sometimes it (the wifi) works and other times it doesn’t.”

He is not the only one that thinks so, many other students have agreed with him, they all have made comments about how annoying and slow the internet at school has been in recent. 

Though the majority of students have had at least one issue with the internet, over this past month, some have been fortunate enough to not. 

CHS Sophomore Grace Duffey says, “I personally haven’t experienced any issues, but almost all the other kids, in every single one of my classes, have. Also, my teachers, all my teachers have experienced some sort of issue revolving around tech and internet recently.”

Duffey adds that sometimes her teachers get kicked out of the zoom, Sophomore, Aleah Anderson says, “I have seen my teachers become very annoyed and stressed out with the issues. It has made it difficult for them to teach sometimes because nowadays we are so reliant on technology working, I feel like.”

Everyone has felt the repercussions of the bad internet at school.

Luckily, a hopeful fix has been discovered, Camas School District IT Supervisor Eddie Sawyer says, “We made some good discoveries over the last few days and without jumping to any early declarations of “Mission Complete” it does look like the wireless and wired networks are running stable. Using the data from the interruptions we were able to fix some issues and get recommendations for additional enhancements.”

Sawyer adds, “All of us have become dependent on the technology and that use has increased as we came back to in-person learning this Spring. This entire group (the IT department) worked incredibly hard chasing leads, troubleshooting, making changes, and doing everything to return to normal. These changes and updates should utilize the network more efficiently and open up our ability to continue to grow.”

With lots of hard work, irritation, and dead ends, the internet problem at Camas High School is thought to have been solved.

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