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How to Prevent Burnout

As the difficult 2021 school year come close to the end, many are experiencing burnout and struggling to finish these last weeks on a positive note. 

After going through over a year of online school littered with the tumultuous google meets, and then coming back to zoom classes for hours a day, Camas High School finally opened back up for those who wanted to come back. However, constantly checking to see the distance from student to student, and wearing a mask continues to serve as a reminder that this year is not free of the pandemic. 

These struggles have changed as the year has continued and have placed this school year as one of the most difficult in many experiences. 

Students struggle to find the motivation and energy to push through the last few weeks of school. 

CHS students from all grades responded to how they prevent burnout by the simple “I’m not.”

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To survive the last days, especially with finals week coming up, here are ways to prevent burnout. 

Burnout was originally coined by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger, it is defined as a stress condition that can lead to emotional damage and exhaustion. 

Exercise can give an emotional boost to those who are in need of it. Even walking around, or having a brain break, can do wonders for preventing burnout. 

Getting a good nights rest, as well as a steady sleep schedule is also imperative to prevent 

burnout symptoms. 

Ways to help establish this are to avoid caffeine before going to bed, as well as starting a bedtime routine to help wind down. 

Knowing a personal breaking point, and how far one can go in a healthy way is important. Setting boundaries for oneself is important. After noticing a breaking point might be close, taking a small break to decompress can help. 

Create a schedule to allow free time. Having dedicated hours to school and study allows a distinct time of rest and recreation. This prevents the feeling of constantly having work to do, and allows time to truly relax.  

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Another important way to prevent burnout is to reach out for help. After noticing struggles are happening, reaching out to a friend, trusted adult, or a school counselor is important. 

Check-in with oneself to see if any symptoms are relatable, this includes feelings of fatigue, isolation, irritability, escape fantasies, and getting sick often. If burnout is ignored it can lead to feelings of emptiness, withdrawal from family and friends, mental and physical exhaustion, and even depression. 

This year has impacted everyone in different ways. As school closes, especially during finals week, make sure to check in with oneself to prevent getting to a point of burnout. 


Rosalind Hinchliff

By Rosalind Hinchliff

My name is Rosalind Hinchliff and I am a senior at Camas this year. I am taking journalism because I love to write and share other people's stories. Outside of school I play violin and listen to lots of music.

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