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Students Return to the Stands

With the increase in vaccinations and more leniency with COVID-19 restrictions, students are making their way to sporting events. Fans are a big part of what makes sports in the Pacific Northwest so great. The Portland Trailblazers had an attendance of 8,050 for their first two playoff home games and 10,000 fans for their last.

Courtesy of the Blazers.

Camas High School Senior Jacob Gray attended two Blazer games before the season ended, one being the first playoff home game. 

He said, “It felt great to be back in that type of environment with people who were as big of Blazer fans as me. The only thing that was different was wearing a mask and that the stadium wasn’t packed. But besides that just happy to be back in the Moda Center.” 

CHS Junior Aiden Murray went to a Blazer game as well.

“It was good to be back and root on the Blazers again, especially during the playoffs,” he said.

Courtesy Blake Bell.

Sadly the Blazers were eliminated from the playoffs after a 4-2 series defeat to the Denver Nuggets.

On another side of sports, several CHS students made the three hour trek north to attend Seattle Mariners games. Baseball is an outdoor event meaning there are less COVID restrictions. The Seattle Mariners are up to 68% capacity and they even offer many deals and discounts for the vaccinated. They also have vaccinated sections where you are not required to wear a mask.

CHS Senior Blake Bell said, “It’s great to see progress to normal life again. Feels good to be able to catch a Mariners game again with my buddies and have a good time.” 

All in all, sporting events being back is a good sign that things hopefully will be returning to normal someday soon. For students, it is a great feeling to be able to watch live games again and root on their favorite teams from the stands.

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