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Freshmen’s First In-Person Experiences at CHS

Freshmen at Camas High School had a very interesting first year, which began with remote learning, transitioned to two days of in-person school per week, then shifted to four days of school per week.  

CHS Freshman, Sophia Rundle said, “I really enjoyed coming back to in-person school as I hated Zoom. The school was also easy to get around and the teachers were very welcoming.”

“Meeting new people and making connections with classmates that I only knew over zoom,” Rundle added. “Overall I had a very good experience on the first day back as a freshman. Sophia was also a transfer student so she was “very nervous” and scared that she was going to get lost. But, the first day was a lot “better and easier” than she expected.”

CHS Freshman, Anastasia Aizen, had a unique first day. She said she was, “scared to go to a brand new school during COVID.”

Aizen added, “[I] loved seeing all of my friends again and making new friends that I never thought I would make in my classes.”

CHS Freshman, Brianna Hartman said that she was a little disappointed as the majority of her classes were “silent and the teachers didn’t really encourage students to talk.” She found the school easy to navigate and only got lost once. Hartman did enjoy “seeing old classmates from middle school and being back in person in general as zoom was not my thing.” She came well prepared as she downloaded a map of CHS on her phone so she could get around as easily as possible and not be late for her classes.

CHS Freshman Grace Raney said that she “loved the first day back to in-person school” as it was “way less nerve-wracking than I thought it would be.” The only bad thing that Raney admitted was that she was not able to see all of her close friends on the first day, since half there were two cohorts. She said, “the halls were easy to get around” and that she “surprisingly didn’t get lost.” Raney “liked most if not all” of her teachers and had an “amazing first-day experience overall.”

Most freshmen at CHS had a better experience than they thought they would as most were quite nervous about a multitude of things. Almost everyone preferred coming back and most found CHS easy to navigate and get through. 


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