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Senior Prank Transforms Tim Fox’s Office


As in most high schools, it is a tradition for graduating seniors to prank the school in some way as a farewell to where they spent their high school careers. Even during this strange year where some school traditions are a thing of the past, Camas Seniors still found a way to prank the school one last time.

Courtesy Camasonian Staff

For many, June 1 was just a normal day, for the Associate Principal Mr. Fox, it was anything but that. He walked into his office and, “My initial reaction was that they fired me and nobody told me, I was a little bit panicked, like where the heck is all my stuff?”

Over the long weekend, Camas High School seniors snuck into the school and moved quite literally everything that was movable in from Fox’s office into a cubicle made of tables into the Main Commons. They replicated everything in the office, from paintings to scribbles on whiteboards, in extreme detail. “Everything is where it was in my office, even random things on the floor…The only thing left in my office was a white Ethernet cable.” 

The prank left more than just Fox confused, CHS Senior Emmy Speas said, “I’m a first period TA for the office and I saw Mr. Foxs’ office was empty. I was confused so I thought he got fired. I went into the commons and laughed for ten minutes straight.”

Courtesy of Camasonian Staff

Sean Tamura helped come up with this idea, he said “The birth of it was just a couple staff members that were ambitious and enjoy a good prank, offering to help some ASB students with a better prank than the one they came up with previously.”

On May 21 the senior class tried to pull off a prank to camp overnight in the parking lot, with a significant number showing up. CHS Senior Brooke Brustad said, “There were at least 150 people there, and it was so much fun.” However, many felt the prank fell through and wasn’t as impressive as some hoped. 

Courtesy Camasonian Staff

The whole process of moving the office in and of itself was not as complicated as it looked. It took only 90 minutes to fully transform Fox’s office into a makeshift cubicle for all students to see. The help also came from the tech department who helped hook everything up, which includes his computer and printer. 

The thought process behind targeting Mr. Fox is that he represents the class. “He is the senior class administrator. It makes sense for the seniors to do a prank on their own administrator. Mr. Fox is someone who can take a prank and see the humor in it.” Tamura said. 

The Seniors Who Pulled This Off. Courtesy of Kellen Mason

Even some of the senior class remained confused. CHS Senior Cameron Mock said, “No I had no idea [about the prank].”

Senior Class President Mark Harimoto worked with a handful of seniors: Ethan Judd, Noah Fraiser, Grace Curley, and Cole Schilling to recreate the office space. 

Despite COVID changing many student traditions, a feat like this is impressive for the senior class. The challenge still remains of how Fox will reconfigure his office. When asked who is going to help him in cleaning up, Fox said “not me.”


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