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2021 Senior Graduation Plans

As the school year is coming to an end, the 2021 class of seniors are getting ready for Grad night, and are prepping for after graduation plans with family, friends, and classmates.

Chloe Parker, a CHS Senior talks about her plans for this upcoming graduation. She said, ¨I am planning on going to graduation and then having a grad party with all my friends and family! I am also looking forward to going to my friend’s grad parties as well.¨ 

When asked what she was hoping graduation would look like this year, Parker said, ¨ I am hoping that we will end up getting a full graduation ceremony, I want to walk!¨ 

Many of the other seniors have similar plans on what they are doing after graduation and grad night. CHS Senior Piper Stroh expresses her excitement for grad night by hoping to see all of the seniors together again once more before all disperse after the summer and graduation. Stroh said, ¨I am looking forward to grad night and having fun with the graduating class!” Stroh goes on to say, ¨This will definitely look different than previous years due to the COVID Pandemic, but hopefully, it will still be fun!¨ 

Due to COVID restrictions, It is unsure what grad night is going to look like for the 2021 senior class. In past years, Students would go to Cascade Athletic Club in Gresham Oregon or other locations. When asked to the senior class ¨What they’re looking forward about grad night¨, this is what some responses said;

Brooke Bustad said, ¨I am extremely excited to see all the seniors and just have a good time all together!¨ 

Kylie Kandarian also said, ¨I am curious to see what grad night will look like with COVID and what activities we will be able to do.¨ 

The 2021 seniors are extremely excited to finally graduate and to go off and tackle college and summer plans with friends and family. 

CHS Senior Cole Kendall talks about his summer plans and senior trip with all his friends. He said, ¨I am planning on going on a big road trip with all my friends down to the Oregon coast and Sunriver¨. 

Camas High School is pictured Wednesday afternoon, April 15, 2020. (Amanda Cowan/The Columbian)

Although this year is definitely not what seniors thought it was going to look like, they are all still excited to spend this graduation together and to spend the summer together before everyone takes off on their separate journeys. 


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