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CHS Open Campus Lunch

At Camas High School (CHS) students do not get the choice to leave campus for the lunch period. CHS is also not near any restaurants where students can get to and from within the 30 minute time period. 

It makes it even trickier with COVID-19 because now CHS staff members have to consider contact tracing. It would be nearly impossible for teachers to track which students have come in contact with another student that may have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Another negative that would come to an open campus lunch, is the lack of safety among students. 

CHS Superintendent, Dr. Snell says, “I think there is always some concern about the increased risks of traveling to and from with other students that parents and staff might be worried about.”

 There would be no adult supervision. With this in mind, there is more of an opportunity for students to make poor life decisions. Students could also be running late so they have to speed down the road to get back which consequently leads to tardies.

There would be benefits for an open campus at CHS. The custodial and lunch staff would have less strain not having to clean and cook for hundreds of kids. An opportunity like this would also allow students to gain more freedom and independence.

CHS Junior, Savannah Stevens says, “I would love to have an open lunch, at least for upperclassmen. I feel like it shows that we’ve earned that privilege and gives us more options.”

An open campus can let students know that their teachers trust them. It gives students a chance to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Courtesy of the Columbian

CHS Sophomore, Talley Tedford, says, “This prepares us for our futures where we will have a structure more like this outside of school. Also, it allows our brain to have a quick break somewhere peaceful, quiet, and relaxing in the middle of the school day.”

Associate Principal, Mr. Fox says, “Honestly, not sure if this would be a possibility. Maybe if there were some nearby businesses. Maybe food trucks across the street? Not sure”.

For now, students will have to continue eating lunch right here at Camas High School.


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