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Zoom’s Fate With Next School Years Schedule

It is uncertain what next year’s school schedule will be but Camas High School students, teachers, and staff are swarming with hopes and expectations. Some prefer four days a week in school, while others have been doing their best remotely. The majority of students at CHS are attending school in person with a handful of people doing school remotely. The question is will the school provide a zoom option next year or is there no choice but to attend in-person school?

Allen Jones a Football Coach at CHS enjoys being in school four days a week. He says that since he works in the sports department, the in-person schedule doesn’t affect him as much. Allen said, “No matter what happens, I’m good with any schedule overall as long as everyone is good with it and feels safe.” He has hopes that next year will continue in person but thinks that it will “continue in person as long as students are being safe and responsible.” His favorite part of the school day is “building relationships with kids.” He has no say on whether or not the school will continue the zoom option but he thinks that “it is good that the school is providing a zoom option for students who still want to be in the district but are not able to attend school in person during these times.” he said. 

CHS sophomore, Eden Westover is hoping for “a shorter advisory” as “advisory is relentless and boring as it is way too long.” For this reason, Eden likes the zoom schedule but she prefers in person as she says, “I love being around a lot of people and I think that four days a week in school provides that opportunity.” As for if zoom will continue next year Eden says, “I think that CHS will still have an option for zoom next year for the kids who are at risk or have parents at risk. I also think that they will have a zoom option next year as some students shave gotten used to online school and prefer it over the in-person school.”

CHS junior Sydney Nickels thinks that “zoom will not continue next year. I personally think that with the vaccines kicking in and everything opening up, it will be mandatory to attend school in-person and the people who don’t feel comfortable doing so will do a different online school program.” She thinks this as she has heard d from teachers “complaining about how it is hard to balance the online students and the students in class.” 

CHS freshman Sophia Rundle believes that “Camas will continue a zoom option next year but I think that most people will not be doing zoom.” She also thinks that “in person is a lot better than online and most students feel that way so the number of zoom students will gradually decrease and students who still prefer to be on zoom after next year will be homeschooled.” Sophia strongly prefers being in person as she loves “making new friends and making connections with teachers.” 

CHS junior Maliyah Plummer is hoping for five days a week next year and thinks that CHS will “stop doing zoom because I hear teachers having trouble doing zooms and running a classroom full of students in person,” she said. She is hoping that CHS will continue to do zoom though as she works and prefers online classes as they give her more time to work. With this being said, she wants the school to still be fully opened up next year to give every student the opportunity to continue going on campus every day. 

CHS freshman Lila Huish  thinks that CHS “won’t do zooms next year.” She says, “I think that Camas gave students and parents the option to continue doing zoom this year because the first half of the school year was done remotely and it would be a hard switch for some families.” She also has heard teachers “complain about having to still do zoom while dealing with students in person.” She thinks that next year if students don’t want to go to CHS in person then they will simply be homeschooled or transfer to another district. 

There are many different opinions upon is zoom will continue next year in person. Some believe that zoom will continue while the majority believe that CHS will stop providing zooms and have students who prefer to stay home be homeschooled.


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