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Student’s Theories from Movies and T.V. Shows

Over the course of the quarantine, students have had lots of time to watch movies and T.V. shows while stuck at home. Because of the amount of time spent sinking in these stories, some students have come up with some interesting theories about these T.V. shows and movies.

One of these theories comes from CHS junior Joey Choi. He explained a theory about the movie “Cars 2” and the car called Pope Pinion IV. He said, “In one scene, it is shown that there is a pope car… What kind of car was Jesus?” This also means that other parts of Christianity could also exist but with cars instead of humans.

Another theory comes from CHS sophomore Aiden Shafiuzzaman about the character Toby from the T.V. show “The Office” being the killer known as The Scranton Strangler. He said, “There’s an episode where the entire cast is watching a live video of the Scranton Strangler fleeing from police in a car chase.  Everyone in the cast is there except Toby.  Afterwards, in another episode, you can see the same car in the parking lot of Dunder Mifflin.” This also lines up with the theory that, after meeting with the supposed Scranton Strangler in jail, Toby could have choked himself out and blamed the other person.

CHS sophomore Ines Crus has a theory about the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The theory is that Willy is trying to eat the kids. She said, “The theory is around the fact that in the original Willy Wonka movie, (Willy Wonka) really doesn’t care when the kids go missing.” She also talked about how the Oompa Loompas could be collecting the children for Willy as well.

The last theory comes from CHS sophomore Scout Williams who says that Jack Dawson, in the movie Titanic, is a time traveler. “One reason is that he says he went ice fishing in lake Wissota, which I guess wasn’t a thing until a few years later.” She is referring to Lake Wissota which started construction in 1915 and finished in 1917. However, the Titanic sank 5 years before Lake Wissota finished construction in 1912. She also explains that Jack Dawson had also said in the movie that he rode a roller coaster at the Santa Monica Pier. However, the roller coaster wasn’t built until 1916, 4 years after the Titanic sank.

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