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Senior Family Day

In a normal year, there are many senior events before graduation. Due to COVID-19 a major change that will be observed this year has to do with Senior Family Day.

These events at CHS for the seniors are a way of commemorating the hard work and dedication that these students have put in over the past 12 years. As it all comes to an end, recognition is the number one thing that they can be given. However, that recognition normally comes with large gatherings and celebrations, something the COVID-19 pandemic has not allowed anyone to have.

This year the goal is to plan the Senior Family Day which will take place on June 9.

The most challenging thing has been figuring out how to plan a large gathering while still adhering to the current guidelines set in place for the state of Washington and Clark county. Location is the first concern dealing with a large gathering, but it was not something that could not be dealt with.

Photo Courtesy of Chase Fossen

Associate Principal Tim Fox said, “We’re planning to have this on the parking lot, which is unique, but the parking spaces actually help because we can place seats in a way that keeps guests physically distanced.”

By having this event in the parking lot, it not only increases the area of where this event can take place but also allows for an outdoor gathering to adhere better to guidelines. 

Another major change that will be occurring this year is the change to a singular family day instead of having two separate events.

ASB officer and Senior Cole Kendall stated, “Students will be able to take both parents (rather than just a Senior Mother Tea or Senior Father Breakfast), with each family unit being allocated a parking stall to remain socially distanced from others.”

However, this change was not due to COVID-19. The change of going to one senior family day came after feedback from students over the years about how not everyone might have felt included in these days. Whether it is because they have two moms, two dads, a single parent, a parent who passed away, or whatever the situation was for them the past way of these events did not conform to everyone.

Fox stated, “We’ve heard from students over the last few years requesting a different setup because of family dynamics. We need to be cognizant of that. We want everyone to feel welcomed.”

With new guidelines coming out every so often there still has to be room allocated for change with these events. As what has been seen over this past year, nothing is for certain.

Kendall said, “Unfortunately, all of this is subject to change, but hopefully, everything moves forward as planned.”

While almost nothing can be set in stone, what is, is the fact that students and families alike will have to be socially distant, and wearing proper face masks.

Photo Courtesy of Chase Fossen

There is hope to be seen at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel for what has been a crazy senior year for the class of 2021.

Fox said, “I’m just really proud of how hard our students, Ms. Waters, and Mrs. Reed have worked to put this together. We can all sit back and just say ‘COVID is getting in the way,’ but they’re really trying hard to provide the Class of 2021 with a great experience and memory to wrap up their time with us at CHS.”

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