Camas High School Lacrosse

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After the cancelation of last year’s season, Camas High School finally has their lacrosse team back and playing. This season is obviously very different from any other with a pandemic still looming around. Change is inevitable for this season, but players and fans are sure happy to at least have a season. To make sure the season finishes on schedule, safety is a top priority in the program. Not only to keep the season going but most importantly to protect the players, staff, and spectators. Some steps that the lacrosse board has acted on to ensure safety this year is before practice, there is a person standing by the gate to let players in, taking temperatures, and make sure masks are on. Masks are also required while being on the sideline and now in games. So far the season is going according to plan and players are being able to play lacrosse and are staying safe. To also limit the possible spreading and contamination, finding teams to play has been difficult. With Mountain View High School being the only other team in the league, players are to travel farther than usual to play games. 

CHS senior and captain on the team, Jackson Wilson said, “This season is really different in that we’re pretty limited in who we’re allowed to play, with Oregon being ruled out as well as teams from King County being hard to engage with.”

Even though these changes might not be the most ideal for everyone, players are pumped to be having a season. 

CHS senior, Quaid Milholen is glad he gets to end his senior season with his teammates. “I would say being able to play with my friends that I’ve been teammates with since middle school. And being able to play a sport I enjoy.”

CHS junior and a captain on the team, Boo Rehrer is ready to play after the long break. “After the long break from lacrosse, it is fun to be able to get out there and play with guys that I haven’t seen in a while especially with the sudden end of our very abrupt season last year, and just being able to play the game that I love with my friends again,” he said. 

 Even through a pandemic, having the opportunity to have a season filled with all these new requirements and new changes is just what these students need. Even with these new requirements and rules added to this special season, players and coaches have still been able to come together and be involved with the sport they love, the season has just started, and if you find an interest in the camas lacrosse program make sure to come to one of the home games at Cardon Field!

Kellen Mason & Zach Gittings contributed to this article

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