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How CHS Is Celebrating Mother’s Day

The annual Mother’s Day celebration is just around the corner, taking place this Sunday. Students and teachers alike share what their plans are to appreciate the mothers in their lives. 

CHS student, Elijah Dunlop shares that they have simple plans. He said he’s “Just taking my mom out to eat.”

Other students are keeping it simple, like CHS senior Nicole Mitchell. “I was going to make my mom breakfast in bed,” she said. 

CHS student Katelyn Nelson is doubling up this Mother’s Day, she said, “we are going to the beach to my nana’s house.”

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Movie nights are also a popular theme for this year. 

CHS sophomore Jaden Rabe said, “I am taking her out to dinner and watching her favorite movie.”

CHS junior Charity Schavey also said, “we are going out to dinner, then having a movie night for my mom.”

More students are planning to spend quality time over food, like CHS student Piper Stroh. She said, “we are going to La Provence for lunch and then play tennis.”

CHS junior Xiaughana Holloway said, “I’m taking my mom out to a seafood buffet for dinner.”

Others are taking time to enjoy the increasingly nice weather. 

CHS senior Audrey Stewert said, “We’re going on a hike and then we’re taking her out for dinner.”

CHS choir teacher Ethan Chessin had similar thinking, he said, “We’re going to make a special gluten-free breakfast, cleaning the bathroom, then going on a hike for Mothers Day this year.”

Jaques Badalato said, “I am going to make her breakfast, go on a family hike, give her flowers, then probably go out to dinner.”

Ethan Nandakumar said, “I got her a 3D wire version of her dog and got her a ‘mom dog’ crewneck. We will also probably go out to dinner.”

CHS teacher Mr. Albert is keeping it simple. He said, “I will buy my wife a bunch of flowers for the front porch.”

Other CHS teachers are appreciating the time spent with loved ones this holiday brings. Lisa Schnider said, “I want to hang out with my kids and maybe watch a movie. My love language is quality time.”

CHS Associate Principal Tim Fox said, “My mom actually lives back where I grew up in Oceanside California, so what we ended up doing was sending her flowers.” He continued, “for my wife,  tomorrow we will spend some time with her family and have dinner with them, and then also we are going to buy some new couches, and take the old ones to the dump, and then I am taking my daughters to buy some new kitchen items for their mom, which my wife has been asking for.” To finish out the night, he will do their annual tradition of planting some flowers with the family. 

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With the variety of people that attend CHS, many can find a common ground with trying to find unique and fun ways to show their mother a little extra love this Sunday. 


Rosalind Hinchliff

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