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NBA Predictions Among Students

The NBA has had some surprises with different seeds on the East and West coast. People are shocked to see some of the results of the season. With playoffs just around the corner, we wanted to see what people predicted for the NBA finals coming up. 

In first seed in the league we have Utah Jazz with a record of 44 and 15. They have had some intense games but the majority they won by double digits and crushed the other teams. Most of the games haven’t even been close because they blow out the other team by 30.

The second seed is the Phoenix Suns who have made a surprising comeback from being 8th seed to 2nd seed with a 42 and 17 record.

In the 3rd seed we have the LA clippers who have been consistent throughout the season and continue to be consistent with a record of 42 and 19.

Next in 4th seed is the Philadelphia 76ers who have a terrible burden to carry, named Ben Simmons, and they are being carried by Joel Embiid.

The 5th seed is the Brooklyn nets who have the power three, Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving, and are continuing to get stronger even though KD has been out for a lot of the season. They have a record of 39 and 20. 

Next up in the 6th seed is Denver Nuggets who are right behind the Nets with a record of 38 and 20.

In 7th seed is the Milwaukee Bucks which is surprising because they have Giannis Antetokounmpo which should help them significantly, but they have had a tough schedule this year and have a record of 36 and 22.

Finally in 8th seed we have the Los Angeles Lakers who are missing some of their best players and still managed to do well despite their losing streak of 2 and record of 35 and 24.

After that is the Trailblazers in 9th seed with the king himself, Damian Lillard, who is continuing to show up in every game and is an outstanding player. These teams are the main competition for the finals position of the 2021 basketball season. 

 The most popular prediction for the NBA finals among students was the Nuggets, and the standings semi-agreed with this prediction. Though the Denver Nuggets are more predicted to win, hometown pride wins out in Lisa Schneider’s heart. She hopes that the Trail Blazers and says that she’s “All in Portland, even if they do yucky.”

Junior Mason Seuferlang says “Utah Jazz for sure.” but Senior Adam Schembs believes that the final stand-off will be Bucks vs Nuggets.

All in all, there are many differing opinions amongst Camas students. Of course, it will be interesting to find out who will win this season.

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