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Camas Students Go Fishing

As it is nearing summer, the sky is clearing and the sun is out. The weather is just perfect for going on the water. Many Camas students go fishing on a regular basis. This activity to many may seem boring or unappealing, but there is much more to it. To those who enjoy it, it is great stress relief. It takes many hours and lots of effort to master. 

Camas High School Junior Aiden Murray said, “Fishing is definitely one of my favorite activities. There is nothing like getting on the doc with a snack and beverage to fish. When you finally reel one in it is one of the best feelings.” Aiden has been fishing for a couple of years now and has found time to get on the water every week or two as a casual activity. He has fished a lot of places but mainly goes to their local spot, Lacamas Lake. Aiden has also gone higher up in Washington to fly fish as well. As a whole, fishing for him has been a good way to get outside and spend time with his buddies.

Another student who is passionate about fishing is Sophomore Keelan Olvera who has been fishing since he was very young. “I started when I was four years old; I went sturgeon fishing with my grandpa”, Keelan said. When asked where he fishes and what he catches Keelan said, “I go Steelhead and Salmon fishing on the weekends. I go to the Columbia River or the Washougal River.” Keelan has this advice for anyone who wants to get into fishing, “You gotta have patience at something like fishing; get a good setup and have fun.”

As a whole, fishing has been a way for students to get outside and enjoy their past time. Getting outside, staying active, and finding hobbies are as important as ever. With summer coming right around the corner, there leaves more free time to get outside, and for many that time will be spent fishing.



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