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Activism Through Art Continues

Students of Camas High School are still pushing for the importance and creation of a Black Lives Matter mural representing the black community and to show what the BLM movement is about. 

Since the project first began last summer in June, many more students and teachers have joined in on making the mural a reality to be displayed in downtown Camas.

CHS clubs Camas Shelter Society ran by Keilee Siefer and Piper Stroh, and Student Voice Project ran by Vivienne Funches and Eli Mcmillian have joined together with the art teacher from Hayes Freedom, Miranda Wakeman, other camas students, including Ava Funches and Jalena Carsisle, as well as support from the Camas High School administration team in order to create a mural in representation of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Piper Stroh, the president of the Camas Shelter Society has also taken on the mural for her senior project. Stroh has been working closely with Wakeman on finding the perfect spot for the mural to go. As of now, a couple of locations are being considered. The Wintzer Acupunctures outside wall or the wall on Cedar Street by the Camas Pride Shop is top contendors. 

Piper Stroh says “It’s important we get this mural up, this is something we have been working on so hard to make happen and it would mean so much to our community to see such a beautiful piece that has so much meaning behind it.”

Miranda Wakeman took on the project to help as a mentor and leader so this project idea could turn into a reality. Wakeman and students zoom in once a week to work on ideas and details for the Mural. Before every zoom call, they will start with a moment of silence for the victims that lost their lives to police brutality.

 “This is an important mural that is a priority to be displayed for camas citizens to show support for the victims that have lost their lives,” Wakeman said. 

Many other Camas students that are not working on the mural project want to see this mural happen. In a research study conducted on March 20th, The question was posed “How do you feel about the creation of a Black Lives Matter Mural placed in Camas?” All the feedback was completely positive! Seniors,  Caitlin Ferrington and Sophia Nelson believe that a mural is an amazing idea and would also love to partake in the project. Former CHS student Neveah Fisher also commented on the idea saying “ This is a great idea, I am in total support!” 

The predicted date the mural will be finished is mid to late August 2021. 

The fight to create this mural is not over, but the hope that it will be created is possible. Especially with the support of Camas faculty, administration, and of course the citizens.


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