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Meet Doug Hood: Interim Superintendent

After Dr. Snell announced he would be leaving his position as the Superindent for Camas School District, Doug Hood stepped up to the plate as the Camas Interim Superintendent for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Hood has been working in the Camas School District for three years, starting in 2018. Previously to this, he has been in education for 25 years. His past roles in education have included associate principal, elementary principal, and executive director of elementary and middle schools over at the Vancouver Public Schools District. 

I envision the role of the interim superintendent as very similar, however on a larger scale. My experiences as a teacher, reading specialist, and principal have also guided me throughout the years in my educational journey.” Hood said. 

Doug Hood is in search of bringing out the School District’s “best self.”

I look forward to continuing our equity work as we examine our practices and systems to ensure that each student feels a sense of belonging, engages their passions, and learns and grows into their best self,” he said.  “The next school year will come with challenges, possibilities, and opportunities to continue to develop our practice of serving students and families in Camas.”  

He has been able to set up strong relationships with the elementary community in Camas, he emphasizes his views on the importance of establishing personal relationships with staff and students. The community atmosphere is one aspect that drew him and his family to Camas in the first place.

Courtesy Clark County Today

He left the school district he had been heavily involved with for many years to work in the same district his children were in.   

 “I also wanted to serve in a role that allowed me to collaborate with principals, teachers, school staff, students, and parents on a personal level,” he said. 

He has many plans for his new role, including student’s sense of belonging, especially highlighting the struggles they have been through this past year. 

“Attempting to navigate high school is not always an easy task, and doing it during a pandemic is even more difficult. The resiliency and strength of our students have been on display throughout this time,” he said 

It is easy for the most important stakeholders, the students themselves, to be overlooked, and he feels his main role is to listen and to serve Camas students.

“Regardless of my central office position, including next year, I view my role as a support person and collaborator with building administrators, staff, students, and families,” he said. “What’s occurring in classrooms and buildings is the most important aspect of my job. In my 25 years in public education, I have made it my top priority to never lose focus on our students, teachers, and building administrators.”


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