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Senior Op-Ed: Josh Fernando

My senior year has been anything but ordinary so far. Attending classes online and submitting assignments remotely was a new experience for me as it was for many others. At first, adjusting to remote learning was difficult for me, I am an extrovert and I enjoy feeding off my peers in the classroom.

After getting acclimated, I found that remote learning was not so bad due to the fact that I had more time on my hands to do my work. However, remote learning lacked the social aspect that I loved about going to school. 

Courtesy of Josh Fernando.

When I was informed that a new hybrid model was starting in March, I was not sure how to feel about it. I had grown so comfortable doing remote learning for the first semester and an adequate chunk of the second semester. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to participate in the hybrid learning schedule, however, being informed that hybrid was starting soon did give me hope because it was a good first step for our community to transition back into life as we once knew it.

Still unsure, I decided that I would give hybrid learning a shot and see how I liked it compared to sticking with remote learning for the last few months of the school year. After trying hybrid learning out for the first two days I decided that I would stick with it. I really enjoyed being able to go back to school and seeing my teachers and some friends that I had not seen after a whole year of doing school remotely.

In addition, I found that being back in school was significantly more engaging for me because I was able to get feedback from my teachers with more fluidity. Even with all the new guidelines to keep the students and staff safe, I was able to somewhat get back to the social aspect of school that I had missed so very much.

Above all, I realized that getting back to in-person learning was keeping me more focused. Without all the distractions that I have at home, I was able to get a lot more done in two days than I usually would have done work remotely. Even though it is just two days a week, I am glad to say that I am looking forward to continuing back in-person learning for the rest of my last year of high school.

Overall, I can definitely say that I have enjoyed my time at CHS thus far. I have learned many valuable lessons that I can apply to my life moving forward, met a lot of great people, formed countless invaluable friendships, and most importantly had a lot of fun.

In conclusion, I would not trade my high school experience for anything, I am sad to see that it is soon coming to an end although I am anticipating what the future holds.


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