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Gratitude In The Age Of COVID

Camas went into quarantine about one year ago. In mid-March of 2020, Camas High School students entered a period of uncertainty, with many not sure what was going to happen or when students could enter school again.

One year later, quarantine is still present in Camas High School, and after a short two days of a hybrid schedule, students enter yet another period of online learning.

These days it can be hard to find things to be thankful for sometimes. As little or as big as these things are, sometimes just having something to be thankful for or look forward to can make all the difference in the world, especially in times like these.

Courtesy of Will Hansen.

Of the people asked, many of them are thankful for their families. “I’ve spent a lot of time with my family over quarantine,” said CHS Sophomore Anush Ilavarasan.

Ilavarsan added, “and I’ve played lots of board games and spent a lot of quality time with them over the past year. I guess I’m thankful for that.”

Over the course of quarantine, many have spent the majority of time with their families, and whether they like it or not, this makes for a great bonding time with those that you care about.

“I’m grateful for the ability to slow down and eat lunch with my family,” said Ilavarasan.

CHS Sophomore Campbell Carrick said, “I guess because I’ve been stuck with them for lockdown, I’ve gotten closer to them (my family).”

He added, “I guess that’s one thing I’m grateful for,” he adds.

While many appreciate their families or other things at home, many CHS students are thankful for school potentially reopening again.

Courtesy of Kate Hunting.

Camas Sophomore Aliyah Brown said, “I’m grateful that we are starting to get things back to normal, I didn’t realize how much I actually enjoyed school in so many ways until it was taken away.”

In the age of quarantine, many CHS students and teachers alike are suffering from the solitude of online school and a worsened mental state, with many wondering if things will ever return back to normal.

Sometimes, though, in times of uncertainty and worry, it is good to just sit back and think about all of the great things to be grateful for in life.

By Blake Harris

HelIo! I am in 10th grade, and I am taking journalism because I want to inform CHS on current events around Camas and entertain my fellow students. Outside of school, I like to do things in nature like fishing, hiking, or sometimes just walking.

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