Dr. Snell Accepts Vancouver Superintendent Position

Camas School District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Snell accepted the Vancouver School District Superintendent position on March 3.

Snell started his career in Vancouver and spent 15 years there as a teacher, coach, and principal. He has been superintendent in Camas for the past 5 years, after serving as deputy superintendent for five years before that.

“When you spend fifteen years in a school district, the people you worked with, the students and families you served, stay with you.  I felt like if I could help in any way in Vancouver, that I should try,” he said.

Snell reflected back on his time in Camas and how it has impacted him.

Courtesy of the Camas School District.

“It’s been amazing, so many wonderful memories. Camas is a really special community that cares deeply about its kids. I loved being a part of a district where my own kids attended. Even though it was a tough time last year, I really enjoyed being the short-term principal at Camas High and getting to work more closely with students and staff.”

He added, “I’ve learned a lot about how to support schools from the superintendent/school board level of leadership. School board members volunteer to make really difficult decisions on behalf of their community for students. It’s a really difficult job, and I’ve grown in how I support the school board in getting the information they need to make those decisions.”

He also reflected on this past year, and how it has been tough for everyone.

“This past year has been so challenging for everyone. As an educator, what feeds you is helping others and during the pandemic, it’s been really tough to meet everyone’s needs.  That’s frustrating, but you can’t let it stop you trying. It’s really important to keep your focus on what’s possible not what’s not and keep going.”

Here is Snell’s message to Camas families right now:

“Gratitude. I appreciate their support and partnership in coming together on behalf of our students. This year has been tough, but there is still a lot to be celebrated including the resilience of our students, staff, and families in continuing to focus on learning and the kindness we’ve demonstrated in our care and concern for each other.”


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