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CHS Fitness Teachers Approaching Hybrid Learning

With the return to hybrid learning scheduled for March 8th at Camas High School, fitness teachers have been trying to figure out a way to be able to exercise while in-person. 

While remote, some fitness classes did live workouts over Zoom and some assigned students to exercise independently.

In the hybrid learning model, everyone will be required to social distance and wear a mask at all times.

Photo Courtesy of Sam Geiger.

CHS Head Football Coach and fitness teacher Jon Eagle said all students who are attending his class will be in pods and stations throughout the hybrid schedule and following the safety protocols. He also described how wonderful it is to have a bigger area to workout and have more breathing room.

“We are also fortunate in that we have two doors in the weight room, so we are able to maintain better air quality for our users. After each use in the weight room, it will be required to wipe down the surfaces of the weight room equipment and clean the whole facility once done,” he said.

Another CHS fitness teacher Valerie Parbon said they will be following all the guidelines of six feet or more of spacing, washing the equipment in between use, and of course wearing masks. She is thrilled that sports are back, which is encouraging for being able to safely participate in fitness classes.

Sports are being played, so that is promising in regards to opening up options,” she said.

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