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Staff Edition: Winter Pastimes In The Age Of COVID

Winter in Camas is most times uneventful; the temperatures low and rainy days plentiful, many spend the colder months of the year inside. However, COVID-19 lockdowns are provoking “cabin fever” among many Camas residents, creating the desire to go outside and try new things.

Camas High School staff are constantly looking for new places and things to do during the colder months. 

CHS Sophomore English teacher Tom Sawyer is most excited to attend Blazer games again with his friends and family.

“Since I have tickets, I love to go to Blazer games in the winter. I usually go with my fiance, but I also enjoy sharing the experience with friends and family,” he said.

But above all, Sawyer is mostly looking forward to being able to enjoy the Pacific Northwest again.

Sawyer said, “I am excited to just get out and enjoy the Northwest. I miss Blazer games, going out to eat, the beach, but most importantly, I look forward to hanging out with friends and family.”

CHS Algebra and Geometry teacher Alisa Wise has done a lot of winter activities during the past few months. Including skiing and mountain biking. 

Wise said, “We plan an annual ski trip over President’s Day weekend every year to various ski resorts. We love to ski!”

Courtesy of Alisa Wise

Wise and her family love to travel around the Pacific Northwest and go to new ski resorts whenever possible, but this can be difficult with COVID restrictions.

“Here in Oregon, you cannot go into a lodge to warm up or eat. In Montana and Idaho, we were able to get into the lodge, seat spaced out, and most importantly, get warm. Ultimately, skiing hasn’t been affected by COVID too much luckily because it’s a very individual sport,” she said.

In Wise’s family, there is a skiing tradition that they participate in every year when the weather cools down.

“We began a tradition in the past few years when we get night season passes and go up once a week no matter the conditions, just to get into the mountains, be together, talk, and spend time together,” Wise said.

Courtesy of Alisa Wise

Living in Camas, it might be a reoccurring struggle to be able to find entertainment in nature during a dismal winter. With the temperatures often not low enough for it to snow, most days are rained out or too cold to go outside.

However, it seems the students and staff that have decided to venture off into the mountains have been able to find a whole new winter wonderland. 



Blake Harris

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