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CHS Electives Dealing With Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything up and presented adversity for many people this past year. Although there are still restrictions to certain events, many of the Camas High School programs have been able to be proactive and work around this unfortunate situation. CHS ASB and yearbook teams have tried everything they can to make this year as exciting as possible, as they strive to create some normalcy in their programs.

Courtesy of @camasyearbook on Instagram.

Even with certain Covid restrictions, activities have been planned and ideas have been generated to help students stay engaged with the CHS spirit. However, it is quite difficult to plan and execute those ideas when there are no in-person meetings for all elective classes.

CHS Senior and Senior Yearbook Member Saoirse Boyster said, “Working together has probably been the most challenging part. During many of our Zoom meets, we divide into breakout rooms based on who is working together on different spreads. But it’s harder this year to communicate and make sure everyone has what they need. Last year, I was able to walk around the yearbook room and check up on different groups. I’m still trying to do that now through text, email, and popping into different breakout rooms when I can, but it really isn’t the same.” 

Courtesy of @papermakerasb on Instagram.

With the transition to a hybrid schedule set to begin soon, ASB will look for ways to get students back together again.

An anonymous ASB member said, “We are planning senior and whole school events for the spring, the exact information on those isn’t final until we know for sure.” 

Despite most of the school year being on Zoom, there is still hope and ways to make the high school experience better for the student body. 


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