Everybody Has A Story

Everybody Has A Story: Sunny Lindgren

Camas High School Senior Sunny Lindgren has written stories for multiple short story contests and even won a silver key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Lindgren loves to write for fun. She also really likes English class because she enjoys writing and reading.

She said, “I’ve always enjoyed writing and storytelling in general; a good story is really important to me.”

She even started a creative writing club at her old school to be able to share her passion for writing with others.

Lindgren’s favorite kind of writing is fiction. For her senior project, she is writing a pilot for a tv show.

Courtesy of Sunny Lindgren.

Besides writing, she also enjoys listening to music and playing video games. 

In the future, Lindgren would like to major in film and write scripts for TV shows.

Someone that she looks up to and inspires her passion for that line of work is Vince Gillian, the creator, head writer, and executive producer of her all-time favorite TV show, “Breaking Bad”.

“He shows a lot of character development, but also a lot of surprises. The show is never predictable,” Lindgren said.

In 2021 she hopes to start working out more and try martial arts.

She said, “I want to learn martial arts because it sounds really fun and like a good workout. Plus I would like to know how to defend myself.”

Lindgren has stayed pretty optimistic during the pandemic but is ready to get back to normal life again. 

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