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The Move To CHS: Lydia And Callum Brown

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way students and staff live their lives quite a bit. Amidst the American economy fluctuating nearly daily, many families have been moved around America due to job location changes, financial situations, and countless other reasons. Callum and Lydia Brown are both victims of this drastic change, forced to move to Camas, Washington in October.

Callum and Lydia both lived in the sunny city of Los Gatos, California, since 2011. So the move to Camas was quite unexpected, it required a positive mindset and a strong devotion to a new social life.

Callum Brown, a freshman at CHS, is excited to warm up to Camas, and more importantly, the people of Camas.

“I think, above everything, I’m most excited to go back to school just to meet new people,” he said.

Callum is excited to get to know the town and the people of Camas, hoping that virtual learning will come to a close soon so he can do so.

“Camas has a lot of the same feel as to where I used to live so I’m liking it a lot so far,” he said.

Courtesy of Callum Brown

Callum and Lydia are both having difficulty adjusting to their new environment, as it is hard for them to explore the city and meet new people. However, they aren’t letting this keep them from enjoying their new surroundings.

Callum said, “Camas High School is pretty awesome, they seem to have lots of cool STEM classes which is what I’m into.”

CHS Junior Lydia Brown is excited about all the same reasons.

“The weather was really nice (in Los Gatos) but there are always some downsides like for example, the traffic there is crazy,” she said.

Lydia is excited to get back into a classroom environment to meet new people and restore life to the way it used to be, prior to the move.

“I really like my teachers at CHS so far and I’m sure I will get to know and like the students as well once we can go back in person… I am super excited but nervous to go back to school because I would really like to meet my teachers and other people,” Lydia said.


Both siblings are excited to find their way around Camas, as Washington’s scenery and sights are vastly different from Southern California’s.

“I haven’t really been able to explore the city yet because of COVID restrictions but some of the restaurants downtown are great!” Lydia said. 

Courtesy of Callum Brown

The Brown family is just one of the vast number of families that has relocated during the pandemic. Although moving can be challenging, Lydia and Callum Brown will adjust and adapt accordingly, and hopefully soon will be able to experience Camas at full-fledge.

By Blake Harris

HelIo! I am in 10th grade, and I am taking journalism because I want to inform CHS on current events around Camas and entertain my fellow students. Outside of school, I like to do things in nature like fishing, hiking, or sometimes just walking.

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