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How Will Remote Snow Days Look?

Despite the majority of students in the Camas School District learning remotely, schools have still put plans in place to deal with inclement weather.

As winter approached,  the question was raised about how schools would deal with snow days.

CSD Superintendent Dr. Jeff Snell explained what will happen when there is a snow day.

“If we’re in a remote learning day, a snow day will not change daily lessons for students. If we’re in a learning delivery model such as hybrid or full-in person then it will cancel school and use one of our 3 make-up dates until those days run out,” he said.

Courtesy of the Camasonian Staff.

According to Snell, the normal online school schedule will not change but any classes that are in-person will be moved to a different day. Snell is in charge of determining if the weather conditions are unsafe for students. He drives the roads starting at 4 a.m. to make the call. Snell must consider conditions for all forms of transportation, including, walking, biking, and driving.

Some students have different opinions and thoughts about this issue.

CHS Senior Luke Basanta said, “At the moment it’s not looking like we will be having any snow days but if we do we should have the day off.” 

While Basanta wants to have a free day when it snows, CHS Senior Cole Allen has a different take.

He said, “I think that snow days won’t affect our school day. Because snow days are designated for bad road conditions when you can’t get to school, with remote learning we don’t have to go anywhere to do our school day.”

Snow days during this period of remote learning will not be that different because staying inside is what students would be doing anyway.

Snell said, “Well, there’s always a lot of excitement any time snowflakes start to fall.”

The school district posted an updated inclement weather plan. In the case of a two hour snow day, the school district will delay all learning, both remote and in-person. This includes the K-2 grades and small on-site groups. If there is a school closure, all learning and services will be closed. The school district has also added three inclement weather makeup days. If there is the need for a closure two days in a row, the next days will begin with learning fully remote. The teachers will communicate with the students in the case of this event.

Camasonian journalists Garrett Monroe and Maddy Palek contributed to this article. This article was updated by Rosalind Hinchliff

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