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Everybody Has A Story: Lily Walsh

Camas High School Junior Lily Walsh is someone who loves singing and acting. When they arrived at CHS their freshmen year they engrossed themselves fully in the Theatre scene. Even though they became more involved with theatre in middle school and high school the passion for it started early. 

The love of theatre and singing started at a young age for Walsh. They fondly recall being able to put on little performances for their family either solo or with the other neighborhood kids. To say the least singing and theatre was in their blood since day one. 

“I used to organize little shows with my neighbors and stuff when I was younger, it was so fun,” Walsh said.

Courtesy of Lily Walsh
Courtesy of Lily Walsh

They developed a love for the arts due to the connections you build with other cast members and the ability to connect with the audience through the story. Walsh compares the connections that are built with each other like a family. 

Walsh said, “The most fulfilling part of theatre is the family and audience.” 

Courtesy of Lily Walsh
Courtesy of Lily Walsh


Last year, Walsh was set to be a part of the spring play, “How to Succeed at Business Without Really Trying” before it was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

“It was weird, I had ‘Post-Show Depression’ without any show,” Walsh said. 

They elaborated saying how most of their cast saw the canceling coming, but Walsh remained hopeful until they were told they could not go back. Looking on the bright side, however, Walsh involved themself in digital forms of theatre through social media and other online shows. 

Courtesy of Lily Walsh
Courtesy of Lily Walsh

“There’s definitely still options especially when it comes to like training. You know I am still doing voice lessons through zoom and dance classes,” Walsh said. 

One of Walsh’s favorite parts of all this is their voice lessons and the one-on-one time it allows them to have. Even with the pandemic shutting down most avenues to do theatre, Walsh pursued their interest through online classes and even a safe in-person workshop that has two semesters. They took the class at the Virtuosity Performing Arts Studio in Downtown Camas.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Walsh has been following the restrictions trying to do their part. They have found ways to adapt to life in the pandemic through bettering themselves and being organized with school work. They have been able to do their own work earlier and give themselves time to do what they want. 

“Remote learning has allowed me that flexibility to do things I want to do,” Walsh said.  

They enjoyed being able to have extra time to do things for themself and the ability to develop their passion for activism like Black Lives Matter and anti-cruelty further. Walsh is overall is pretty passionate and positive people throughout this pandemic. Their drive has persisted through in all aspects of life even with the pandemic and loss of shows. 

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