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Everybody Has a Story: Inbal Dagan

Inbal Dagan, a friend, sister, and extrovert is a freshman at Camas High School this year. 

Courtesy of Inbal Dagan.

She was a gymnast for ten years before stopping in October. Now, her greatest passions revolve around music. She is also currently exploring new things and hoping to find more interests. 

She said that music is something that instantly makes her day better.

Dagan said, “In third through fifth grade, I was in a ukulele-playing group in Dorothy Fox. I mainly learned jazz songs… and for those three years, it was what I liked to do along with gymnastics. Seventh grade I picked up guitar since my school had a class for it… I listen to all kinds of music, not just one genre, like rock, pop, slow songs, even Hebrew which I speak and understand.”

Dagan went on to explain some of her family’s history.

“I’m full Jewish. We moved to the U.S. in May of 2007 for my mom’s work. We lived in North Carolina most of my life, staying in one house for seven years. We moved when I was in second grade because that school wasn’t teaching my brother and I properly.”

Dagan’s family moved to Washington when she was in third grade.

“Coming here to Washington is one of the greatest things my family did,” she said.

Her favorite trait about herself is her “natural mood swings that can help bring me out of a bad mood.” She described music as having an influence on that.

“I can forget anything that happened before, maybe something that made me mad, and I won’t think about it anymore. I love that I can forget about things like that,” Dagan said.

One thing she would like to improve on would be organization, and as many other CHS students might agree with,  she admitted to not having an organized room. Dagan also wants to be better at organizing time.

As an extrovert, she said, “I want to be better at introducing myself to someone I’ve never met.” 

Dagan stated that her biggest influence is herself.

“Honestly, my biggest influence is me. I’ve never had an idol or someone I looked up to. When I was younger, I looked up to my mom… But in my family, I’ve been the first to a lot of things, including being a gymnast. I’ve been my own inspiration,” she said.

Dagan started a journey when she was around 12 or 13.

“There was the really great, but also the really bad those years. It was the year I went to Oddysey while everyone else in my school was going to Skyridge. But with my family and friends around me, I was able to get past it.” She’s also been able to help friends who’ve gone through similar situations as she did those years,” she said.

Courtesy of Inbal Dagan.

If given a day off with no other commitments, Dagan said “I’d spend it at my friend’s house, immediately. I’ve been learning how to drive, so I can drive to my friends’ houses.” 

Dagan looks forward to getting back to in-person school and being with her friends.

She said, “I’m excited to figure out what I want to do with my life.”

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