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Everybody Has A Story: Hailey Berry

Camas High School Senior Hailey Berry was born in Oregon and shortly moved to Battleground where she would be raised for ten years. In seventh grade, that is when Berry moved into the Camas community.

“Moving here in the middle of middle school was pretty hard, but I’m really glad that I made some great friends,” Berry said. 

Although she now lives in Camas, Berry still has a ton of ties to Battleground. A quite a bit of her friends including family members live there and she goes to visit quite often.

Berry enjoys attending CHS. She is really excited about this year’s 2021 graduation.

“It’s been a tough year. I really hope we get to go back to school at some point for our senior year,” she said.

Although there have been major obstacles this year, Berry still stays focused on her priorities and goals. One of her goals is completing her senior project and becoming a pilot for a future career. For Berry’s Senior Project (A difficult project that all seniors must do in order to graduate) she is partnering with NASA, STEM, and Women in Aviation to complete a Girls In Space program that teaches young girls about space and aviation skills. She has always been interested in working in aviation. She has dreamt of becoming a pilot and is eager for other young girls to learn about all the exciting things that come along with it.

courtesy of Hailey Berry

Berry has grown up with a dad and stepdad being a pilot and her mom a flight attendant, so it was no surprise that Berry wanted to follow in their footsteps to become a pilot as well. She has always been fascinated by planes and can not wait to start a career in aviation. She currently attends Gorge Winds Aviation this is where she is learning to fly plans and build her career. She has a lot of hard work ahead of her but she is ready to take on the challenge to fulfill her dreams of flying aircrafts! 

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