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Everybody Has A Story: Aiden Murray

Via Aiden MurrayCamas High School Junior Aiden Murray is excited to be closing in on his final year of education. COVID-19 has affected everyone’s life over the last year forcing many changes in daily life. He has used this extra time to develop and change many of his hobbies and habits.

COVID has stopped many of his interests such as hanging with friends and activities like lacrosse. A big push for Aiden during this time was to stay active and healthy.

“During COVID I noticed that it was very easy to become lazy as each day passed,” he said.

Murray had invested his time into working out about five times a week. Through all the outside chaos, he has made a strong effort to maintain a healthy routine to preserve consistency.  The downtime has also led him to think about the future and preparing to become an adult.

Murray has been looking into colleges that he might want to attend, but unsure where he will go yet. He is fascinated with economics and plans to possibly major in the field one day.

“Right now may be a good time to get into investing recently because of the recent effects of COVID,” he said.

As the winter season is in full swing and spring season ahead, the mountain is in full effect for snowboarding season. Aiden has been snowboarding for 3 years now. This year he is going up to Mount Hood Meadows. Aiden goes up about one or two times a week.

“I’m thankful at least one of my physical activities wasn’t canceled because of COVID,” he said.

Snowboarding has been one of the only things for Aiden that has not changed because of COVID. Murray has seen many of his friends at the mountain and some familiar faces from CHS. Along with that, he has been patiently waiting for the return of lacrosse but so far there have been no signs.

The biggest adjustment for Aiden has been school. For Murray remote learning has made him notice that he prefers in-person learning more. He has not found online school difficult, but instead believes it is just quite challenging to acclimate to. He just misses the simple things like hanging out with friends and making new connections.


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