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Everybody Has A Story: Wilson Fresh

Camas High School Senior Wilson Fresh is looking forward to many things during his last year of high school, but most of all he wants to get back on the field and play soccer again for CHS. Last year the season was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic so he did not get to have a junior season. Fresh really hopes that a season is able to this year so he can finish out his senior year strong. In the meantime, Fresh has been staying in shape and playing club soccer.

Courtesy of Wilson Fresh.

Fresh said, “I’ve been playing with friends and trying to run as much as I can to stay sharp and in shape.”

Once students start coming back to campus, Fresh is excited to socialize with people again and to see some familiar faces. He believes that it is important for students to be in front of teachers when learning.

“This time in our state of isolated learning has taken away the human aspect of education and reduces students to mind-numbing hours on our computers,” Fresh said.

He does not like the idea of having our whole school career being defined through Chromebooks and electronics. Overall, Fresh does not like online school because he thinks it is unenjoyable and disappointing to participate in. It is also difficult to catch up on work if you get behind and he believes much of our own free time has to be spent doing online school work. School to him seems like it never ends and is always constantly about trying to finish work on time.

Fresh said, “Many times it feels like school doesn’t ever end, it just continues after class as we are assigned more and more assignments from each class.”

Photo Courtesy of Wilson Fresh.

He wishes schools would try to assist students more and try to plan an accurate plan of returning to school. One benefit of online school for Fresh is it gives him more flexibility to exercise or be with friends whenever he is not in a Zoom meeting. 

Fresh is determined to improve himself mentally and physically, as well as develop his own opinions and thoughts because his values are important to him.

He said, “With everything happening in the world right now it is more important than ever to use critical thinking and seek the truth by looking at as much information as there is available.”

With these ideas in mind, Fresh is definitely going in the right direction and will be able to accomplish his goals.

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