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Everybody Has a Story: Hope Reng

Hope Reng, a sibling, athlete, and daughter is a freshman at Camas High School.

Right now, Reng has been spending a lot of her time on school.

Courtesy of Hope Reng.

“Online school is not my thing. I prefer being in school. The social aspect has always been my favorite part of school, and  I’ve never truly loved the academic part of school, so having the social part of it taken away has been really hard. Having the energy to keep doing the same thing day after day, and not being able to see anyone, meet my teachers, or have a personal relationship with anyone is hard,” she said.

Friends and family are a big part of Reng’s life.

She said, “Most of my friends, or their parents have been really cautious about Covid, so I haven’t been able to see them. The ones I’ve been able to see, I try to keep up with them, and I enjoy spending time with them… They could instantly make my day better…  I’m a very social person, and when I’m able to spend time around people, it just makes me so happy.”

Her ideal day includes, “[getting] together with people, or working out.”

Courtesy of Hope Reng.

Sports are also very important to Reng. She loves being able to make progress and compete.

She said, “In track, I throw in shot put, hurdles, and do some other running events.”

Reng tried basketball, but after a fallout she pushed sports away for a year.

“My parents wanted me to get back into something, so I ended up doing cross country. From cross country, I got into track,” she said.

Sports is not only a passion but also a motivation for her.

Reng said, “I think one of the biggest lessons I learned through sports is perseverance and hard work can get you really far, and you’re much stronger than you think you are.”

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