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Everybody Has A Story: Dorothy Franklin

Camas High School Junior Dorothy Franklin has an aspiring passion for ballet and all things dance. Ballet has always been an escape for Franklin, a second home. She has been dancing since she was in fourth grade, making this her seventh year in ballet. It serves as a place where she can let go of all her baggage. She considers it to be her safe haven. No matter the day, the issue or the distraction ballet has been a consistent support system for her.

Courtesy of Dorothy Franklin

Although ballet is filled with other young adults looking for practice, support, and friends, Dorothy had always considered herself to be an introvert. She did not see herself going out of her way to make those connections with these young adults. Regardless of her shyness, ballet has helped her express how she’s feeling without the use of words.

“If I’ve had a terrible day or I’m upset with my parents, I can go to ballet and get it all out,” Franklin said.

Dance has provided her with an outstanding support system, she mentions that she has met many of her closest friends through ballet. She originally met her best friend Arianna through ballet, she’s a few years older than Franklin. Regardless of this, they have grown extremely close and have relied on each other for friendship and support.

“She has been such an amazing person and has helped me through so many hard times,” she said.

She also speaks highly of her ballet instructor, who has pushed her to be the best and most productive version of herself. She has been a great support system to Dorothy and has refused to give up on her. She is extremely thankful for her instructor and how helpful she has been over the years.

“I owe pretty much all of my ballet skill and where I am today to her,”  Franklin said.

Ballet has given her a way to express herself. It has given her something she can look forward to and learn from. Although she is extremely grateful for the opportunities and all of the connections ballet has provided her. She has other interests and a different career path for her college self. Ballet has been everything to her and it is not something she can let go of so easily.

Franklin said, “I can’t emphasize this enough, but ballet has seriously changed my life for the better.”

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