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Everybody Has A Story: Bryce Dewey

Bryce Dewey is currently a senior at Camas High School. Dewey has attended CHS all four years and plans on finishing his education here in June. Throughout his years, he has participated on some of the high school’s athletic teams. Dewey has been involved with track and was also a part of the football team. Even though the coronavirus pandemic has affected the season, it has not stopped him from staying active and getting in shape.

Courtesy of Bryce Dewey.

In addition to Dewey being very involved with CHS athletics, he is also a very good student and has taken multiple AP classes. He has a variety of colleges that he is interested in but he has not made a final decision yet.

Dewey said “I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple of colleges, so I’m not completely sure where I will end up next year. I’m planning on studying business and eventually earning my MBA.”

He has a very bright future and has already planned out what he would like to do. 

There are several subjects that Dewey both enjoys and excels at school, but the business has always been at the top of his list.

He said, “I’m interested in business because my dad works heavily in that area and I’ve learned a lot about it since corona started.”

Football has played a big part in Dewey’s high school experience. He has been an athlete his whole life and decided to take his athletic ability to the next level, as he continues to lift and get his body into good shape. Going into high school Dewey played several sports but narrowed down his top choices. The CHS football team had an undefeated state championship run last year, and Dewey was a part of that special season as he helped his team reach their goals.

Courtesy of Bryce Dewey.

Being active will always be a big part of his life and he will continue on with sports and activities going forward into college. 

Dewey has been a good role model in the Camas community, both as an athlete and a student.

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