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Fun Covid Friendly Holiday Activities

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth many challenges in 2020, including the extension of the second lockdown in Washington state. Many people have had to change their holiday plans due to restrictions on gatherings.

Camas High School students and staff shared some ways that families can have holiday fun while obeying safety guidelines. The year 2020 has been an emotional rollercoaster and a little Christmas spirit is what people need to end it on a positive note. 

CHS world language teacher Karen Lovre suggested knitting a cozy scarf. This is a simple and fun project to do at home with family, and it is a perfect last-minute gift idea. A Camas parent similarly suggested knitting a holiday stocking, which also makes for a perfect project to do at home while enjoying Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa. Knitting is a very cozy hobby to enjoy with family and friends, and it is especially fun during the holiday season.     

Courtesy of Josh Fernando.

CHS physical education teacher Valerie Parbon has some easy workout ideas to keep in shape and boost your mood. She recommends Darebee workouts (a website), which are designed to be done at home and have a wide variety of options. Some resources for yoga she recommends are the website core power yoga and a YouTuber named “Yoga With Adrienne.”

Parbon said, “Walking, hiking, or running outside is actually a great exercise. Many people let the weather be a barrier, but if they dress accordingly (put on a hat, wear a jacket, etc.), it is so, so, so good for people to get outside and move every day! Plus…a great screen break too!”

She recommends playing Just Dance because it is a super fun way of getting exercise. 

CHS students shared their favorite Christmas movies.

“Elf is the best Christmas movie because the whole family can watch it together. It’s funny for kids and parents,” said CHS Senior Brooke Brustad.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.

CHS Senior Piper Stroh added, “The story of Santa Claus because I like the way it’s filmed in the animation is old not many films are made like that anymore it’s unique”.

CHS Senior Kellen Mason’s favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

“It has a great mix of Christmas without overdoing it,” he said.

A popular and safe Christmas tradition that has continued this year is the light show at the Portland Zoo. It has been a popular place for CHS students to visit and drive through the light show.

CHS Senior Piper Stroh drove through the light show herself.

She said, “Although zoo lights wasn’t able to do a walk-through experience this year they still kept the Spirit Alive by doing a drive-thru light show it was a blast and was way easier to do because you could stay in the comfort and heat of your own car I would recommend it.” 

Another light show that is much closer is the Washougal MX Light’s tour is another drive in light show called Holiday in the Hills. This event is going on until January 1st and admission tickets are only $15 per car.

CHS culinary teacher Meredith Studdard will be spending Christmas with her children and zooming with her extended family. She wishes everyone happy holidays and hopes that 2021 will be a smoother year. Studdard shared with us her favorite cookie recipe to bake, great-grandma Betsy’s sugar cookies. The recipe yields four dozen cookies and includes ½ cup butter, softened, ½ cup shortening, ½ cup granulated sugar, ½ cup powdered sugar, 1 egg, 1 ½ tsp. vanilla, 2 ¼ cup flour, ½ tsp baking soda, ½ tsp cream of tartar, and ½ tsp salt.

Camasonian journalists Emma Sanz and Josh Fernando contributed to this article.


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