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CHS Lineman Robert Silva’s Recruiting Process

Camas High School Senior Robert Silva was one of the reasons why the CHS football team finished number one in the state last year. It is shown that Silva possesses several positive traits and a hard-working mentality. 

CHS Senior Mark Harimoto who is one of Roberts’s teammates said, “Robert AKA the Hitman is on a different level mentality when it comes to this game of football. He breathes football every day and he’s made it his life and it shows on Mondays to Friday night. Playing with him brings the intensity of my gameplay up and his competitiveness shows on and off the white lines. Why do you think we got a ring?”

It is clear Silva is a very hardworking and determined young man, and it seems to rub off on his teammates. He has all the tools and the attitude to play at the next level, and it has clearly been shown in his recruiting process as he is being looked at by multiple colleges. 

Not only does Silva have the talent and determination, but is also a leader on and off the field. The drive and want to be better every day is there for him, and this goes on outside of football as well. 

Harimoto said, “On the field, his focus is unbreakable and he puts everything on the line when he plays. If you are playing by his side, you better be putting everything down just as he does or he’ll let you know.”

“Off the field, he loves football 24/7. He understands that he can’t get state championship rings by himself so he pushes us every day to get in the weight room and we’ve been lifting and working every day since last season. He’s also a brother who will always have your back through the thick and that’s rare to find,” he added.

Courtesy of Robert Silva.

CHS assistant coach Allen Jones said, “Robert brings a lot to the table as a player. He helps hold the point for the middle of our defense and he eats up blockers which allows our linebackers to run around and make plays,” Jones added, “It’s not exactly a glamour position but that’s why Rob fits there so well.”

Silva makes sure to keep pushing himself in the hours that no one sees, and this has played a big part as to why he has had so much success throughout his high school career. 

As Silva leads by example, he makes sure it is heard as well through his voice. He wants to see the best out of his teammates and he will make sure they know what that looks like by showing them his best. 

CHS Senior quarterback and Oregon State commit Jake Blair said, “He leads by example. In the weight room lifting hard, on the field practicing at 100 percent every day. Works on his game outside of practice too. More of a lead by example kinda guy rather than a

Courtesy of Robert Silva.

vocal leader, just in my opinion more of a lead by example guy.” 

Head Coach John Eagle said, “He is a hard worker on and off the field. He makes those around him better. His enthusiasm is contagious.”

All of the leadership and positive attitude Silva displays are going to take him far in his football career and will be seen by colleges during the recruiting process.

Camasonian journalists Blake Bell and Christian Lenard contributed to this article.

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