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Everyone Has a Story: Nora Melcher

Nora Melcher, a sophomore at Camas High School, joined journalism because it was recommended to her by her freshman English teacher, Joe Farland. She also enjoys writing creatively and with a purpose.

Melcher has found that journalism is a great way to stay updated on news and current events. Her favorite aspects of class are forming her opinions and educating others.

Melcher cares about writing and publishing stories because she believes that it is important for others to stay informed and educated.

“News stories are also a large resource for people to go to when they are seeking information,” she said. 

Soccer has been a big part of Melcher’s life ever since she was young. She’s played competitively with the Washington Timbers Football Club since she was 10 years old. In addition, Melcher played for an Olympic Development Program. Through that process, she was able to travel to several different camps and improve her skills. 

For CHS, Melcher was on the junior varsity team as a freshman.

Courtesy of Nora Melcher.

She described the group of girls on that team as, “some of the nicest, most talented girls I’ve ever played with.”

She is extremely grateful for the support she received from her family, friends, and fellow teammates. Their support has allowed her to keep getting better and remain passionate about the sport. 

As fun as soccer may be, it has also taught her a lot about discipline and grit. It has taught her that it is okay to fail, that there are different ways to improve,  and it has helped her adjust to difficult situations.

Soccer has been an outlet for Melcher. On the field she is able to relieve her mind and let go of stress. She believes that soccer has shaped her into the person that she is today. 

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