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CHS Admins’ Message to Students

As winter break and the end of the first semester quickly approach at Camas High School, the administrators have a message to students.

Courtesy of Tim Fox.

CHS Associate Principal Tim Fox said, “I just want to thank them for their grace through this process, but also to just hang in there. We don’t know exactly what things will look like.”

As the administrator that helps with seniors, he says the uncertainty is challenging. “It’s challenging for me, I can’t imagine what seniors are feeling right now. “

Fox says school leaders are planning everything as if we are going to have everything: homecoming, prom, and graduation. Fox said he had 50 different graduation plans last year, and he is ready to be flexible again. “We’ll scale up and we’ll scale down as needed, but all those things are still out there.”

Despite the challenges of this first semester, Fox encourages students to have hope going into the break.

“Hopefully people can walk into the break with some hope that on the other side of this, there will be a lot of those positive experiences that I know students really want and are craving. I know I want them.” 

Fox said he misses going to football and basketball games, seeing the band, and the overall high school experience. “They’re all on the horizon, and let’s keep hoping that we can get there,” he said.

Courtesy of Tom Morris.

CHS Principal Tom Morris hopes that staff, teachers, and students will take the two weeks to relax and enjoy the time off.

He is also looking forward to the second semester and the prospect of more students returning to campus.

I’m hoping we can look forward to some time in the building,” Morris said.

He added, “I just hope everyone has a safe holiday and a merry Christmas.”


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