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Everybody Has A Story: Rose Hinchliff

Camas High School Junior Rose Hinchliff joined journalism because she has always had a strong passion for writing. She has always liked English and found that journalism was a great opportunity to better her writing. This year is her first time taking journalism and she has enjoyed it so far.

Hinchliff said, “Ever since I was little I liked to write, I saw it as an outlet.”

She sees journalism and writing in general as an escape from reality and an opportunity to find peace in all of the chaos. Hinchliff said that it is relaxing and helps calm her down. She likes how journalism prepares her for real-world challenges, like working with bad partners or feeling overwhelmed by workload. Hinchliff also enjoys learning from others.

She has always cherished poetry and loves to write and read it. Over quarantine, she has been focusing on improving her poetry.

Courtesy of Rose Hinchliff.

Hinchliff said, “When I was younger my parents encouraged me to explore all art forms.”

She was first inspired by music, but then found poetry authors. Hinchliff observes other poet’s styles and strong suits and learns plenty of her skills from them. The observations she makes are able to better her personal poetry.

“Poetry helps me in journalism as I am used to writing and helps me write my articles,” she said.

Hinchliff can apply several of the techniques she learned from writing poetry to writing articles for journalism. She enjoys being an experienced writer. 

Hinchliff feels that she can express herself and her thoughts through poetry. She is able to center herself through writing and that is why poetry is a big part of her life.

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